Our Story

After starting a hostel (Common Grounds Pai) they began to notice how much travelers were embracing Thai boho fashion.This led to One Tribe Apparel that was created when we realized the mix of vibrant patterns, handmade craftsmanship and hippie soul was an aesthetic that was missing back home. 

As the One Tribe idea began to grow Mitch's brother Taylor (left) joined the team to spread the One Tribe love at festivals all over the United States and world. After a chance meeting in PAI Ryan (right) from an online marketing background, joined the team as our online and tech guru.

As One Tribe Apparel grew, we came across not just yogis and adventurers but also fellow hippie souls who loved boho accessories as much as hippie apparel. So, Fringehandbag.com by One Tribe Apparel was born to help us share those unique Thai fringe handbags that are trendy all year long. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and if you are ever in Northern Thailand, come say hello to us in Pai!

Much Love,

- Fringehandbag.com team